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Jokierä is a shop specialized in hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment. You can find our products in our web shop and store located in Joensuu, Eastern Finland.

Our aim is to maintain affordable prices in ammo, guns and hunting gear. You can also find a good variety of trekking clothes, shoes and other equipment. If you are visiting Joensuu, you will find interesting gift products and Finnish handicraft to take home with you. Local fishing permits are also available in the shop.

Jokierä  is the official Finnish importer of Alpina trekking shoes, Grub's boots, Bornaghi ammunition, Bettinsoli shotguns and several other brands.


How to order

You can make online purchases from our web shop, if you're located in Finland. All orders have 14 day free return policy. Notify us before returning. Returns are free.

Buying from the Jokierä webshop quick and easy:

1. Click "LISÄÄ OSTOSKORIIN" to add products to your shopping basket.
If you need help with choosing the right products, please send us email at

2. When you have selected the produts, click "SIIRRY TILAAMAAN" to continue
your order. Please  make sure your shopping basket is correct and
fill your information. Here you can also change the amount of products
and delete items from your basket.

3. Fill your personal information "Tilaajan tiedot)

Etunimi= First name
Sukunimi: Last name
Katuosoite: Street adress
Postinumero: Postal code
Paikkakunta: City
Puhelin: Phone
Sähköposti: Email
Varmista sähköposti: Repeat email

Tilauksen vastaanottaja on eri kuin maksaja: Add different shipping address, Kyllä/ Ei, Yes/No
Register your account: Kyllä/ Ei, Yes/No

Select the shipping method. Shipping is free for purchases over 150€.
Remember to check your phone number, you will receive a message
when your order arrives!

4. Choose payment method.
Verkkopankkimaksu = Pay online (Finnish banks)
Luottokortti = Credit Card

5. Confirm order

6. I have read the license agreement: Yes/No.

7. Lähetä tilaus = Send order







Ordering guns and ammunition


For buying guns and ammunition you need valid gun permits.






Contact information


Jokierä Oy/
Voimatie 12,
80100 Joensuu

mon-fri  10.00 - 18.00
sat 10 -14

Web shop support:
020 734 3730 (0,08€/min+pvm, 10-16)

Product information:

You can also reach us on Facebook.